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Beware of flooded vehicles for sale

Water damage from the recent floods has affected hundreds, maybe thousands of vehicles this year, and it can be hard to detect if you do not know what you are looking for. There are many professionals at detailing shops and garages that can clean and restore a vehicle after a flood, you should still be […]

Fuel Prices in Trinidad and Tobago

With the recent changes to the fuel subsidy along with the luxury tax on larger displacement engines in Trinidad and Tobago, knowing what you are paying at the pump is getting more and more important. Below are the latest prices as of October 1st 2018. Regular Unleaded (83RON) Super Unleaded (92RON) Premium Unleaded (95RON) Diesel […]

Tell us about Your Test Drive!

Have you taken a new car for a test drive recently? We want to hear from you! Tell us about your test drive! It’s completely anonymous! We don’t need your name or contact info, we just want to know how was your showroom experience. Get started below: [gravityform id=”4″ title=”false” description=”false” ajax=”true”]

The Max Charge for Speeding is now $6,000 TTD

Photo credit: C News Live

The Charge for speeding in Trinidad and Tobago has now be raised from $4,000 TTD to $6,000 TTD as of today 18/05/16. The chapter in the Motor Vehicle Act affected is the following: MVRTA (enforcement) Chap 48:52 First Schedule item 68 Conversely: MVRTA Chap48:50 section 62 (5) wrote: (5) Any person who drives a motor vehicle […]

Government to consider raising speed limit to 100km/h

Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Works and Transport, Fitzgerald Hinds at today’s post-Cabinet news conference said that he has asked “experts within his Ministry” to take a closer look at the speed limit on the nations roads and highways. Government is considering adjusting the speed limit to 100km/h per hour on the nations highways and […]