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Advertorials & Video Reviews

Video is the number one internet trend for 2016 and beyond. will produce high quality in-depth video reviews of your vehicles and feature them on, our YouTube Channel, our Facebook Page and on our Instagram Page. Use these videos in-house and on your media channels to promote your product.

Live Chat with Visitors

Start the conversation with our Live Chat feature. Generate new leads and convert them to sales. Speak to customers as they view your cars online before they even reach your showroom. Never miss another opportunity.

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The homepage is the most trafficked page on our website. Your ad will be displayed on all mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. Provides the highest return in click-throughs. Can be linked to pop-up window, vehicle listing, a custom page or external link.

Dealer Profile

Get the ultimate Dealership presence on with a custom Dealer Profile page. Create custom landing pages for your dealership, brand or campaign.

  • Feature Latest Specials
  • Maps of Showroom/Service Locations
  • List of Key Personnel and Departments
  • Contact and Social Media Links
  • Custom Contact/Request Forms

Featured Dealer Listing & Ads

Reach people who are browsing a wide range of vehicle categories. Get your dealership featured on your brand and vehicle listings. Feature vehicles on category and brand listings. Link to a custom Dealer Profile and/or dealership website. Can be linked to pop-up window, vehicle listing, custom page* or external link.

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The main menu is one of the most used elements of the TTAutoGuide website. Reach users as they access the main menu to browse vehicle categories and brands. Your ads will also be displayed on the main Dealership listing page in the sidebar.

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