Government to consider raising speed limit to 100km/h

Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Works and Transport, Fitzgerald Hinds at today’s post-Cabinet news conference said that he has asked “experts within his Ministry” to take a closer look at the speed limit on the nations roads and highways.

Government is considering adjusting the speed limit to 100km/h per hour on the nations highways and it could possibly happen within a week. But he made it clear that this will apply to specific roadways, notably the Churchill Roosevelt, Uriah Butler and Beetham highways. The Government said that they wish to use research, analysis and the advice from experts to make an educated adjustment and not be influenced by emotional appeals from the public.

The speed limit for pickups/4×4’s and commercial vehicles in particular needs to be looked at, as in some areas the speed limit for these vehicles is 35km/h and 65km/h which can cause severe traffic and frustrate drivers.