T&T License Plate Date/Age Guide

Ever wondered or needed to know what year a license plate was issues in Trinidad and Tobago? This is usually helpful when buying a used car and you are trying figure out when the car was licensed, the age of the vehicle and how much you would have to pay to transfer the vehicle. In the case of Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) cars, this can get tricky as is not really a good indication of the age of the vehicle, but rather refers to when the car was licensed in T&T. So it’s important to find out from the seller if the car was purchased from a local dealership or if it was a RORO import. Here is a quick guide to help you figure out what year a license plate was issued. For more tips on buying a used car check out our TTAutoGuide News Blog.

Vehicle registration plates in Trinidad and Tobago are categorized using prefixes based on the type of vehicle and feature up to four succeeding digits. Registration plates in Trinidad and Tobago are supposed to be either white figures on a black background or black figures on a white background. All motor vehicles that are operating in the roads of Trinidad and Tobago are required by law to have a registration plate affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle at all times except during very specific situations. This current system has been present for over 40 years.

T&T License Plate Date/Age Guide

PD_ Series
PD_ Series Dates
PDA Sep 2013-Feb 2014
PDB Feb 2014-March 2014
PDC Apr 2014-Jul 2014
PDD Jul 2014-Oct 2014
PDE Oct 2014-Dec2014
PDG Dec 2014-April 2015
PDH May 2015-Jul 2015
PDJ Aug 2015-Oct 2015
PDK Oct 2015-Dec 2015
PDL Jan 2016-Apr 2016
PDM May 2016-Sept 2016
PDN Sept 2016-Jan 2017
PDP Feb 2017-May 2017
PDR Jun 2017-Nov 2017
PDS Nov 2017-Mar 2018
PDT Mar 2018-Present
PC_ Series



PC_ Series Dates
PCA Jul 2006-Aug 2006
PCB Oct 2006-Dec 2006
PCC Jan 2007-Apr 2007
PCD Apr 2007-Jul 2007
PCE Jul 2007-Oct 2007
PCF Oct 2007-Dec 2007
PCH Jan 2008-Apr 2008
PCJ May 2008-Aug 2008
PCK Aug 2008-Jan 2009
PCL Jan 2009-May 2009
PCM May 2009-Sep 2009
PCN Sep 2009-Feb 2010
PCP Feb 2010-Jul 2010
PCR Jul 2010-Nov 2010
PCS Nov 2010-Jun 2011
PCT Jun 2011-Dec 2011
PCU Jan 2012-Jun 2012
PCW Jun 2012-Sep 2012
PCX Sep 2012-Jan 2013
PCY Jan 2013-Jun 2013
PCZ Jun 2013-Sep 2013



PB_ Series



PB_ Series Dates
PBA Jun 1995-Jul 1996
PBB Jul 1996-Jun 1997
PBC Jun 1997-Jan 1998
PBD Jan 1998-Jul 1998
PBE Jul 1998-Dec 1998
PBF Dec 1998-Jun 1999
PBG Jun 1999-Nov 1999
PBH Nov 1999-May 2000
PBJ Jun 2000-Jan 2001
PBK Jan 2001-Jul 2001
PBL Jul 2001-Jan 2002
PBM Jan 2002-Jul 2002
PBN Jul 2002-Dec 2002
PBO Dec 2002-May 2003
PBP May 2003-Oct 2003
PBR Nov 2003-Mar 2004
PBS Apr 2004-Aug 2004
PBT Aug 2004-Nov 2004
PBU Dec 2004-Apr 2005
PBW Apr 2005-Jul 2005
PBX Aug 2005-Oct 2005
PBY Nov 2005-Mar 2006
PBZ Apr 2006-Jun 2006



PA_ Series



PA_ Series Dates
PAN Dec 1983-Mar 1984
PAO Mar 1984-Jul 1984
PAP Aug 1984-Jan 1985
PAR Jan 1985-Jul 1985
PAS Aug 1985-Jan 1986
PAT Jan 1986-Jul 1986
PAU Jun 1986-Nov 1987
PAW Nov 1987-Jan 1990
PAX Jan 1990-Dec 1991
PAY Dec 1991-Jun 1993
PAZ Jun 1993-Jun 1995



How much does it cost?

The transfer fee is TT$10.00. The transfer taxes vary according to the (license) age of the vehicle:

New Transfer Taxes (as of October 1 2009):

$6000 – Under 2 years
$4500 – Over 2 years but not over 5 years
$3000 – Over 5 years but not over 7 years
$1350 – Over 7 years but not over 10 years
$0150 – Over 10 years

Each registration number begins with a letter designating type of vehicle.

Prefix: Type of Vehicle
P- eg: PCB 9629 Private Vehicle (non commercial)
D- eg: D 011 Demonstration vehicle (usually used by Automobile Dealerships and RORO Car Dealersafter Importing a Foreign Used Car) Gives permission to drive vehicle on public roads, special permit is required.
R- eg: RDB 9629 Rental Vehicle
H- eg: HCY 9629 Hired vehicle, bus, taxi, maxi taxi.
V- eg: V 122 Visitors
X- eg: XCN 9629 Terrestrial vehicles e.g. pavers, extra heavy cranes.
T- eg: TCR 9629 Transportation (goods) vehicles, Pickup trucks, lorries, and heavy duty trucks.

Plates for each type are issued in alphabetical order, with the letters CG, I, Q, and V excluded so as to avoid conflict with 1, O and diplomatic including the military and coast guard initials.

Special plates

  • The President’s official state car usually bears the Trinidad and Tobago Coat of Arms instead of a registration number.
  • The Prime Minister’s official state car usually bears the registration PM 1 or PDM 1
  • The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment bears a registration mark starting with TTR. Eg. 1 TTR 3
  • Defense Force vehicles bear a registration mark starting with TTDF. Eg, 1 TTDF 4
  • Coast Guard vehicles bear a registration mark starting with TTCG . Eg. 1 TTCG 2
  • Voluntary Defence Force vehicles bear a registration mark starting with VDF. Eg. 1 VDF 5
  • Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard vehicles bear a registration mark starting with TTAG. Eg. 1 TTAG 13

The current series which became effective the third week of September 2016 is “DN”: Example PDN 1000, HDN 800, TDN 23, etc.

There has been officially over one million vehicles registered for use on the roads of Trinidad & Tobago.

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