Ministry of Works and Transport introduces amendments to the demerit points system

Since the introduction of the Demerit Points System in May 2020, the Ministry of Works and Transport has been consistently monitoring the operation of the System and its impact on changing drivers’ behaviour and attitude toward road traffic laws and road safety. Accordingly. the Ministry undertook a review and implemented changes to the Demerit Points System. This review took into consideration the concerns of stakeholders and the general public, as it related to the number of demerit points applicable for several minor traffic violations.

As such, members of the public are advised of the amendments to the Ninth Schedule of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Act, 2017, which removed the number of demerit points for several minor traffic violations and altered the number of demerit points for others. These changes take effect on Tuesday March 01, 2022.


Members of the public are reminded that the fixed penalties payable for the above-mentioned traffic violations remain unchanged as part of the Fixed Penalty Traffic Ticketing System.

Persons are invited to visit or to learn more about these recent changes as well as the key features of both the Demerit Points and Fixed Penalty Traffic Ticketing Systems.

The Ministry of Works and Transport looks forward to the continued cooperation of the general public as we continue to monitor and implement measures to create safer roads for all citizens.