Speed Guns Coming in Trinidad and Tobago

From Monday 2nd May 2016 the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will now have one more tool to curb the rise of road fatalities due to speeding. The use of Speed Guns will now be permitted to time and fine drivers who exceed the 80kmph on the nations highways and 50kpmh in rural areas.

According to their reports, more than 50% of road fatalities are a direct result of speeding. So this is a direct effort to get people to slow down and avoid the $1,0000 fine for speeding. The new Speed Guns have the ability to wireless communicate with the police officer’s vehicle as well the other police vehicles nearby to deliver a photo of the speeding vehicle and details for the ticket.

There currently is a petition to raise the speed limit on the highways to 100 to 120kmph that is gaining some traction.

Below is an excerpt from The Highway Code of Trinidad and Tobago – Speed Limits


M.V.R.T.A. 48-50 Second Schedule

Inside a built-up area Outside a built-up area
(km per hour) (km per hour)
(a) Tractor except a goods vehicle or private car with or without trailer.
20 35
Motor Omnibus 50 65
(b) Motor vehicle constructed to carry more than Ten passengers.
50 65
(c) Goods vehicle the Licensed M.G.W. of which exceeds 2,540 kilogram without trailer.
50 65
(d) Goods vehicle the Licensed M.G.W. of which exceeds 2,540 kilogram with trailer.
50 65
(e) Private motor car with trailer.
50 65
(f) Any other motor vehicle
50 80

What do you think of the use of speed guns to reduce speeding? Do you think the speed limit should be raised? Let us know what you think in the comments below.