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No Change to the Speed Limit, Yet

Works and Transport Minister, Fitzgerald Hinds said that experts from his Ministry have suggested in a recent report that safety barriers and specific precautions be put in place before the speed limit of 80 kph on the highways is increased. The Minister said that since police have started using speed guns, there has been less accidents due to speeding. Noting especially that […]

The Max Charge for Speeding is now $6,000 TTD

Photo credit: C News Live

The Charge for speeding in Trinidad and Tobago has now be raised from $4,000 TTD to $6,000 TTD as of today 18/05/16. The chapter in the Motor Vehicle Act affected is the following: MVRTA (enforcement) Chap 48:52 First Schedule item 68 Conversely: MVRTA Chap48:50 section 62 (5) wrote: (5) Any person who drives a motor vehicle […]