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Ministry of Works and Transport drafts proposal for regularisation of “PH” taxis

The Ministry of Works and Transport of Trinidad and Tobago recently issued the “Proposed Draft Regulations for Establishing a Regulatory Framework for the Efficient and Safe Operations of Private-Hired Vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago” which intends to regularise the “PH” taxi situation. It notes that the Ministry has taken into consideration the lack of public transport in […]

Breaking: Gas Stations Instructed to Accept Linx and Credit Cards

Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Finance Colm Imbert in a statement today has confirmed that all state owned gas station have been instructed to continue to accept all electronic card payments from all citizens, Government vehicles and the T&T Police Services. Minister Imbert made the statement at Thursday’s Post Cabinet Media Briefing.

No Change to the Speed Limit, Yet

Works and Transport Minister, Fitzgerald Hinds said that experts from his Ministry have suggested in a recent report that safety barriers and specific precautions be put in place before the speed limit of 80 kph on the highways is increased. The Minister said that since police have started using speed guns, there has been less accidents due to speeding. Noting especially that […]

Government to consider raising speed limit to 100km/h

Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Works and Transport, Fitzgerald Hinds at today’s post-Cabinet news conference said that he has asked “experts within his Ministry” to take a closer look at the speed limit on the nations roads and highways. Government is considering adjusting the speed limit to 100km/h per hour on the nations highways and […]